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Bviser is one of the innovative solutions that combine the characteristics of Digital meetings and documents and transforms manager and executive systems into highly secure digital meetings that they can access from anywhere. All information stored in Bviser and exchanged across the internet is protected with world-class encryption, access controls, and mobile device management.

اجتماع مجلس الإدارة
برنامج إدارة إجتماعات مجلس الإدارة
برنامج إجتماعاتي+ إجتماعات مجالس الإدارة+إدارة الاجتماعات الفاعلة+ إدارة الإجتماعات القادمة

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About Us


According to statistics, the board of directors and committees hold once meeting every three months. The meeting is restricted to discuss the most important topics that contribute to the achievement of the strategy and plan of the organization. The Board of Directors reviews what was discussed in previous meetings and reviews new topics; We developed Bviser to make it easier for board of the Secretary to prepare meeting agenda, attach documents for each item, and send them to the members in a short period of time. The application will make it easier for Board members to see documents, take notes, and share them with other members; or keep them as a memorandum to be discussed at the meeting.

  • -Digitalized meetings
  • -Friendly UI/UX design
  • -ISO 27001certified
  • -Data Encryption
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